Schulhof & Associates

  • Invented and refined information based- marketing driven healthcare media partnerships
  • Developed more revenue for more stations in more markets than anyone else in the US
  • $77,000,000 of new revenue developed
  • 96 stations
  • 43 DMAS


New Revenue

New Revenue

Schulhof, Regan & Associates specializes in new revenue development from major healthcare institutions that do not traditionally advertise on local TV.

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     Your Health-Your Decision

Schulhof and Associates researches and develops a list of potential sponsors in your DMA.

Developing Package/Revenue Goal
Package will be developed in cooperation between S&A and STATION. Total new revenue goal for the campaign is a two-year contract totaling $800,000- $2,400,000 ($400,000-$1,200,000 per year). 100% for you station...Read more.

CBS2 KCAL9 Newest Campaign

Your Health- Your Decision (YHYD) is the most dynamic and most targeted campaign in the history of healthcare advertising.

Providence Health and Services has partnered with CBS2 and KCAL9 for the most extensive healthcare media information partnership in the Los Angeles market's history.

YHYD is one-of-a-kind broadcast-driven, web-based media partnership designed to produce measureable results for health care sponsors and significant long term new revenue for stations.

YHYD targets the most valuable health care consumer-one who’s seeking treatment for a specific medical problem making it a must have campaign for healthcare systems.

Our Broadcast Partners

Schulhof, Regan & Associates is focused only on results and we have a 30+ year track record of producing long term new revenue for our client stations.

Our campaigns are not sold on a CPM basis, not do they dilute any current local or national healthcare advertising. Rather, they produce an entirely new revenue stream from major healthcare systems.

The broadcast industry has never been more challenging and generating significant long term recurring new revenue has never been harder.

Schulhof, Regan & Associates is a broadcast sales rep that specializes exclusively in generating new revenue from high-end academic medical institutions’ that traditionally do not advertise.

Our average campaigns generate $300,000–$1,200,000 per year of new revenue for our client stations and we work only on a DMA exclusive basis.

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